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May 11, 2010

The BIg Photo Challenge..."BLUE"

The Big Photo Challenge

I was trying to figure out what to photograph for the theme BLUE then it hit me as i watched my hubby put on his cologone (spelt wrong i think) for church Sunday morning..... his  bottle of Versace.. It smells o so good and i thought the bottle was cute!!!

The Cindereall Hangs from my Lamp in my bedroom and since i love Cinderella i added her in the Blue dress to the Mix!!

I couldn't get the lighting just right inside so.. i have a few inside pics and 2 outside one's i really like!!
I put the bottle and Cinderella on a mirror hoping to capturing the reflection.. but it only worked well outside where i didn't have to use the flash!

 So here  you go!!

(inside shot above & below)

(I love this one evne though on the mirrior you can see the trees and gras...but also the BLUE sky!!)


  1. I love photographing glass, but like you said it's difficult to get the lighting right isn't it. I usually find placing the item somewhere near a window works well - on a piece of card or something plain in colour. Harsh light can be a pain though with unwanted reflections - haven't got around that issue yet. I'm determined not to buy any fancy flash equipment or anything so I need to figure out how to make the best of what I have!

    Thanks for linking up your pics!

  2. I love photo 2. What a great idea to include the cutout. In photo 2 they seem to be suspended in time and space.

  3. Fantastic photo for blue!! Very creative :)


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