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January 25, 2010

Contact Info

Please feel free to contact me regarding photogrpahy at the below email address:


January 18, 2010

Ordering Prints

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Couples/Engagements & Familes & Children
 Session  Fee -$50.00 (families up to 4, please contact me for larger families)
If prints are orded you will have a $10.00 print Credit. 

This Session includes the following events at this time"
Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, Reunions, Anniversary Receptions, Graduations, any Sporting events, Birthday Parties, Baptisms, Racing Events, Christenings, Various Competitions (Paegants, Rodeos... etc), Any other celebration or event that you are interested in that is not listed please contact me!!!

$350 This includes a $75 deposit up front. $25 Print Credit and **CD of edited/non edited photos after all prints are ordered.

Wedding Package
This includes: Engagements, Bridals, & Wedding
Print Credit of $50 to be used among all pictures any way you would like.
CD of all edited and non edited photos for each Session after prints are ordered.

Session Fee $50.00
If prints are orded you will have a $10.00 print Credit.

(if you would like photos of any other event not listed please contact me I am very flexible!)

***Note some photos will be edited on your CD copy, not all will be edited, for an additional fee i will edit all necessary photos. Please contact me if you would prefer all photos to be edited for an additional fee.

***Prices are subject to change without notice. If session is schedule 30 days  from date of price change your price quote will not change.

** There will be no charge for travel up to 50 miles. If loaction is over 50 miles please contact me for quote.

**Wedding photo will be available for client viewing via my client viewing site and you will be provided a password to access your photos. Once all photos have been ordered i will release your photos to you. If no photos are order your CD may be purchase for $20.00.

Please allow up to 2 -3 weeks to receive your Photo CD. If you need yours sooner please let me know up front so we can make necessary arrangements.

I will post edited and no edited photos on here for your viewing as soon as i can upload them.

Meet Me!!

I am an onsite photographer. I love capturing photos in natural light!
i have had a passion for photography since i was a little girl.
However a few years a ago my fried=nd ( a photographer) got me really intorduced the the camera! She let me play with her Canon Rebel. I fell in love!! So she really helped me make that leap into the photography world!!
I have always been a behind the camera kind of girl, but i like being in the spotlight some!  I have always been that girl that made sure i had a picture of almost every event going on around me. I love capturing real moments when you are having fun and enjoying yourself those alwasy turn out to tbe best pictures!
I can't do a session with a limit of number of photographs, it is impossoble for me. I just snap snap snap. You never know when you will capture the perfect picture, or what you could miss when your not snapping away!!

What really got me into to starting this site and as well as my photography business was, my Mother In Law (who passed away March 20th) She asked me if i knew of any inexpensive photographers for my Sister in Laws wedding. I told her who Brandon and I used but didn't recommend. I mention ( never thinking she would buy it) that when i got my taxes in i was buying a camer but i didnt know when they would finally come in. She told me to find one and bought it for me!! She passed away before my Sister0in -Laws wedding ( which was so hard for all of us).  So to make her the proud I hope to make this business grow and become a widely known photographer in memory of my mother in law.

I am a 25 year old wife who loves photography! I am a small town southern girl who may have just found her passion in life!! I am a very avid hunter and love the outdoors (maybe thats why i love outdoor photosthe best). I love sports and I am a Arkansas Razorback Football Freak!! I love to fish be outside, but also enjoy a good book every once in a while. I love the computer it is my weakness!! I get to playing and editing pictures and you ahve to pry me off here sometimes!!

January 5, 2010


If you are intrested in doing a Testimonial after a session please let me know!!

January 1, 2010