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May 26, 2010

Big Photo Challenge... OLD

The Big Photo Challenge

My friend Louise  @ Adorible Photography is hosting a Photo Challenge as always on Thursday.....

This week's this is OLD.
 This is a piece of OLD equipment at our  County museum here.  I'm not sure what it was used for but it is old!

How about this old Gas pump ( i think that is what it is) It is also at the County Museum here. I just think it's neat!! I have never visited the museum, but think i need to go check it out!! I know there are tons of old stuff in there!!!

There are tons of OLD equipment outside the museum these where just two of my favorites!!!

I often go to the Museum for Photo Shoots you can see in the below post. 

Practice makes perfect!!

I'm back!!!

I have not had any photo shoots lately so since the weather has been nice here and  i found a few new places i wanted to play shoot at... i made my lil sister come throw on some of her cute new clothes she got this weekend and pose.. not that she had problem at all... she loves the camera  and loves a photo shoot anyday!! JUST LIKE ME!!!

May 11, 2010

The BIg Photo Challenge..."BLUE"

The Big Photo Challenge

I was trying to figure out what to photograph for the theme BLUE then it hit me as i watched my hubby put on his cologone (spelt wrong i think) for church Sunday morning..... his  bottle of Versace.. It smells o so good and i thought the bottle was cute!!!

The Cindereall Hangs from my Lamp in my bedroom and since i love Cinderella i added her in the Blue dress to the Mix!!

I couldn't get the lighting just right inside so.. i have a few inside pics and 2 outside one's i really like!!
I put the bottle and Cinderella on a mirror hoping to capturing the reflection.. but it only worked well outside where i didn't have to use the flash!

 So here  you go!!

(inside shot above & below)

(I love this one evne though on the mirrior you can see the trees and gras...but also the BLUE sky!!)

May 7, 2010

Abandoned...."The BIg Photo Challenge"

The Big Photo Challenge

"Remember to think outside the box a little. This could be anything from an abandoned building or car on the side of the road, to something that hasn't been used in a very long time. So get into your attic and garage, or wherever, and start snapping!"

My friend Louise, is hosting a weekly photo challenge and this week's this is the above...
I thought long and hard about this and thought i knew what i was going to shoot... then i changed my mind....actually i didnt make it down there... I was going to shoot a photo of my parents onld barn that hasn'e been used in ages.... plus i like old barns... but with the bad weather we had this weekend i just never made there to take the photo..
So i thought again....What can i do... i wanted to do something that i saw often or made you wonder so.... i came up with this....
  Sorry the pic is  not to great... i did this while driving cause there was nowhere for me to pull over and i didnt want people to think i was crazy parking in their yard.. or get bit by a snake trampling thru all the tall grass!!...  I drove by it like 5 times trying to get a pic and this was the best one!!

This is an old "garage" i think. It is out in the middle of this field with nothing around it... green grass/weeds everywhere.. Abanonded.. There are houses near it but none that actually are on this piece of land! It's almost as if int doesn't belong there all by itself..

So sorry i thought i posted this yesterday.. but for some reason... i can't get any of my post to schedule lately!!

May 1, 2010

Collage of Pictures!!

I just had fun putting this collage together so i thought i would share!!